Our Best Services

  • General and Laparoscopic Surgery
  • General Burn & Plastic Surgery
  • Obstetrics – Gynaecology, Pediatrics
  • Antiageing & Aesthetics
  • Laser Treatments
  • Happiness Studio
  • Counseling Sessions

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Primary Services

Primary Care

Primary healthcare professionals typically work with many different patients and have broad knowledge about various physical, psychological and social ailments that may affect their patients.

Primary care basics includes: Primary care physician, Nurse practitioner, Family practice doctor, Internal medicine doctor, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Geriatrician, Pediatrician

Urgent Care

Our best treatment and a total recovery from complications like thyroid & parathyroid, hernia, appendix, anorectal conditions, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder stones and clinical conditions involving pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, kidneys and the liver.




Josh clinic is truly the best medical center, amongst the others, for surgery and medical consultations.

All medication requires during stay is prescribed by doctor and has to purchase from the hospital’s pharmacy




Other Services

Pediatric Care

Providing skilled and expert care to new-born, infants, children and adolescents with both common problems as well as complicated and chronic issues.

General Pediatrics ranges from general checkups to issues like asthma, allergies, childhood and adolescent obesity and all childhood common and uncommon diseases.

Women’s Care

At Women’s Care, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard, and promise to dedicate our practice to your health.

Through a mutual partnership founded on compassion, respect and professionalism, our care will always be focused on you. And, with ourexpert’s team of specialized practitioners and state-of-the art technology, we can ensure the quality careyou deserve.

Newborn care

Taking a newborn care class during pregnancy can prepare caregivers for the real thing. Newborn care basics include: Handling a newborn, including supporting the baby’s neck, changing diapers, bathing, Dressing, feeding and burping, Swaddling, Cleaning the umbilical cord, caring for a healing circumcision, using a bulb syringe to clear the baby’s nasal passages, taking a newborn’s temperature, Tips for soothing the baby

Home Visits

Josh Laser Clinic and WellnessHome Care’s doctor at home service provides expert care for you and your family that encompasses day-to-day healthcareneeds as well as long term assistance.

Regular health checkups are always recommended to keep a check and maintain the best of health. Our online doctor consultation ensures you and your family members are always in the pink of health.

General healthcare

We gives you special treatment and advice to deal with general health issues such as fever, diarrhea and more.

Sexual health care

Sexual medicine attempts to the improve sex life through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions or disease that involve sexual function.

Day care

Day care center to the patients undergoing surgeries and procedures that do not require overnight stay in the hospital.

Child healthcare

Our Services teach about Proper nutrition, hygiene, sanitation and other factors are essential to the overall care and well being.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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